With great passion and immense respect towards nature and towards our culture we cultivate unique tasteful products full of different flavors.

Each of our packaging is controlled and standardized manually and this contributes to the uniqueness of our products.

Our goal has always been to combine traditional with modern and authenticity with the uniqueness of our products.
These requirements consider that they are also requirements of consumers looking for similar products.


* The product is available in a 50gr bunch.

Its name derives from the words "mountain" and "ganos" gnosis - the brilliance, the plant brightening the mountain.

In Ancient Greece we find it a symbol of joy and happiness as wedding wreaths used to contain both oregano branches, but also as a spice in cooking and as one of the most basic and stronger ones. Aristotle wrote that if a kid who was injured by a hunter's arrow ate oregano, his wound was shut Greek oregano is considered the best in the world. It has a strong aroma and is rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Properties - Uses: It fits with pizza, grilled meats and fish, olive oil, olive oil, potatoes and of course the salad.


Thyme has been known since ancient times as the ancient Greeks used it to make a tonic mixture of thyme, honey and vinegar, the elderly used to use it as a tonic for the functioning of the mind.

Properties - Uses: Used to flavor fish, meat, sauces (especially tomatoes) and cheeses (especially creamy).


Sage is a perennial shrub plant, known since antiquity. The ancient Greeks used it as a multidrug and was chased by Dioskouridis, Galenos, Aetos and Hippocrates.

Properties - Uses: As a decoction it is ideal for the treatment of pharyngitis, gingivitis and mites as well as various oral injuries. It also stimulates the nervous system, increases memory and activates blood circulation.


In its official name, it is called Siderite, and this is also the name of Theophrastus (372-287 BC). P. Gennadios writes that the Siderite was so named by Dioskourides because of his ability to heal wounds from iron objects due to the high content of iron injectables.

Properties - Uses: Tea injecting or decoction, Greek and foreign experts especially prefer it during the winter months due to its beneficial effect on colds and upper respiratory tract infections (properties enhanced by the addition of honey).

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